The ICAP Alumni Association (ICAP AA) is a non-profit organization which represents the Fellows who attended the ICAP Aspen Seminar for future U.S. leaders in foreign affairs. Since 1997, more than 450 foreign affairs experts, reflecting diverse demographics of the United States, have participated in the Seminar. The Alumni Association offers its members opportunities to network, mentor, build skills, and engage in community outreach. In addition, the Association is an important catalyst for increasing diversity in senior management and policymaking roles. In 2017, the ICAP Alumni Association and the Center for International Strategic Studies (CSIS) became official partners, enacting the International Career Advancement Initiative, housed at CSIS. Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Project.


ICAP 20th Anniversary Reception

ICAPAA 20th Anniversary Reception

ICAP AA Board Members:
Ms. Komal Bazaz Smith ‘12
Ms. Mayra Caldera ‘16
Ms. Aimee Carter ‘16
Ms. Chandrima Das ‘13
Ms. Zarina Durrani
Ms. Roma Kaundal ‘13
Mr. Ven Neralla
Ms. Sambia Shivers-Barclay ‘08
Ms. Kristin Wells, ESQ. ‘06
Mr. Brent Woolfork ‘12
Mr. Benjamin Garcia ‘98
Mr. Palak Shah ‘11
Dr. Mischa Thompson ‘06
Ms. Minty Abraham Wade ‘16

Amb. Deborah McCarthy, ex officio

Executive Committee
Ms. Charlotte Kea ‘00

Dr. Sandra Rivera ‘98
Vice President

Ms. Latanya Mapp Frett, ESQ. ‘01

Amb. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley

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