ICAP Aspen

Founded by Dr. Thomas Rowe of the University of Denver, the ICAP Aspen Seminar forms tomorrow’s leaders in foreign affairs, drawing from all U.S. populations.  During an intense one week session at the Aspen Institute, ICAP Aspen brings a select group of diverse mid-level professionals with proven records of achievement from government, non-profits, foundations, international organizations, academia, and the private sector and puts them together with senior government officials, business leaders, faculty at the University of Denver, and other advisors. Out of ICAP emerges a powerful pipeline of driven and committed mid-career and senior professionals.

On September 14, 2017 Representatives Gregory Meeks and Eliot Engel introduced a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives commemorating the 20th anniversary of ICAP.

The Seminar includes lectures, workshops, and other events designed to:

  • Explore the international problems and policy issues that senior officials must deal with over the next decade
  • Discuss the characteristics, values, experiences and credentials associated with leadership and how those can be acquired
  • Detail career patterns and experiences of those who have already achieved senior positions and consider the relevance of such patterns to those currently at mid-career levels
  • Discuss common career and life stages and how problems can be handled most effectively
  • Consider the specific problems faced by people of color and how they can be addressed and overcome
  • Understand the importance of diversity to effective and high quality leadership for the United States in the coming decades
  • Discuss the role of mentoring in international careers, facilitate mentoring relationships between the senior officials and the mid-career professionals and encourage the mid-career individuals to take on mentoring roles themselves
  • Develop close ties and mutual support among the participants that would continue beyond the Aspen experience.
  • In addition to these aspects of the ICAP Aspen Seminar, each mid-career participant is paired with a career counselor for individual career guidance and mentorship.

For more information about the ICAP Seminar in Aspen and to apply for the program, please visit http://icapaspen.org/.

ICAP Aspen Application: http://www.icapaspen.org/apply/

Contact ICAP Aspen:
E. Thomas Rowe
Founder and Director, International Career Advancement Program
Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Global Access Pipeline
Director, M.A. in International Administration Program
Associate Professor
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver
(303) 871-2403

ICAP Aspen Fellows

ICAP alumni span a wide range of sectors, with 53 percent working in U.S. Government agencies, 26 percent in non-profit organizations and foundations, 6.4 percent in the private sector, 4.8 percent in state and local governments, and 3.8 percent in international and multilateral organizations.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/icapaa
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/50441
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1064097696944384

2017 ICAP Fellows Include

Lisa Barton
U.S. International Trade Commission

Annika Betancourt
U.S. Department of State

Benjamin Chan
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Fan-Li Chou
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Nadia Farra
U.S. Department of State

Michael Fraser
U.S. Department of State

Kristine Gloria
The Aspen Institute

Osvaldo Gomez-Martinez
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Christina Hardaway
U.S. Department of State

Ada Ihenachor
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Brandon Jackson
U.S. Department of State

Aaron Johnson
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Michelle Kayser
U.S. Department of State

Viondette Lopez
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Kevin Sean Martin
U.S. Department of State

David Martinez
U.S. Department of State

Regina Neal
African Development Foundation

Noelle Ojo

Imani Esparza Pitman
U.S. Department of State

Carlos Quintana
U.S. Department of Labor

Keetah Salazar-Thompson

Anusha Seneviratne
U.S. Department of State

Mai Shintani

Adam Sotomayor
U.S. Department of State

Jessica Thomas
Council on Foreign Relations

Carmen Tull

Ravinder Ubee
U.S. International Trade Commission

Jamila White

Parastou Yousefi
Gates Foundation

Esther Zeledon