ICAP Fellows Association Statement on the Mob Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Washington, DC — The ICAP Fellows Association condemns the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol yesterday that sought to undermine our democracy. 

This was the darkest hour yet of a reckless period in our nation’s history. It was traumatic and unacceptable. These acts of domestic terrorism and insurrection were motivated by lies and a false ideology of white supremacy. 

Let us be clear: There is no comparison between this attack and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests this past year. The BLM protests were largely peaceful, occurred throughout the country, had broad representation, and shed light on the disparate treatment that Black citizens face in this country. Yesterday’s attack was incited by President Trump,  intentionally violent, and aimed at disrupting the peaceful transfer of power–that violence was the culmination of a series of mounting assaults on our ideals of equality and racial justice.

This chaos has no place in the United States of America. We call on elected officials to ensure a peaceful transfer of power, to uphold the values of our democracy, and to hold those responsible for yesterday’s violence accountable under the law.

Who We Are

The ICAP Fellows Association seeks to diversify U.S. leadership in international affairs in government, the nonprofit, and the private sector. As professionals in the foreign policy field, the ICAP Fellows Association supports our Fellows through mentorship, networking, resources and opportunities at international agencies and organizations in the U.S. and globally.